Euroregion Neman

Grodno region falls within one of the euroregions’ belts that goes along the former western frontier of USSR and geographically is apart of the euroregion Neman. On June 6, 1997 there was signed an agreement on establishment of euroregion Neman between Grodno Oblast (Belarus), SuvalkiVoivodoship (Poland), ALytus and Marjampole Municipalities (Lithuania). In 2002 Russian party joined Euroregion Neman.

At present, euroregion Neman covers Grodno Oblast in BElarus, 49 self-governance units of PodlyasskiVoivodoship, members of Association Euroregion Neman in Poland, 12 self-governance units of Marjampole and Alytus in Lithuania, members of the Association @Bureau of Euroregion Neman”, Chernyakhovsk, Krasnoznamensk, Oziorsk and Gusevsk regions of Kaliningrad Oblast.

The biggest cities of euroregion Neman: Grodno, Lida (Belarus); Suvalki, Lomzha, Augustov (Poland); Alytus, Marjampole (Lithuania), Ozersk, Nesterov (Russia).